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What’s My Home Worth by Heeran Workman

By Heeran Workman

 Are you considering selling your home in the Omaha Metro area?  If so, one of the most crucial item you will need to find out is what your home is worth in the market.  Understanding what your home is worth can help you decide whether or not to sell, how to price your home when hitting the market, and whether the buyers and the buyer’s agents are likely to schedule a home showing.  There are so many real estate listings to choose from-Pricing is the biggest factor when deciding which homes to look at in person.

To find a general value on your home and neighborhood, you can start by entering your address on Zillow and Trulia to find your estimated home value and nearby sales within the past six months. If you want a true market analysis of your neighborhood and your style of home, you can contact a Realtor like myself to run the true and detailed analysis out of the Multiple Listing Service.  Take into account the upgrades and special features of your home but don’t be unrealistic about the value of them.  You should not expect to capture 100% of the upgrade cost.  If you factor in capturing about 70-75%, that is a better estimate.

 If you are a highly analytical person and want to get as close to the value as a real estate professional can give you, you can hire an appraiser to appraise the home.  

 You may have an old appraisal from when you bought the home or the last time you refinanced the property.  Keep in mind that the values that matter are the recent sales data sold over the last 6 months.  Just because you had an appraised value of $300,000 2 years or even 1 year ago doesn’t mean you can sell the home for that value today.  Overprice your home when it goes on the market and you will not only lose valuable time, the buyers who may have been interested if the price was better to begin with will be gone by the time you correct the price.

 Property value, or market value, depends on many so many different factors and these factors play little or high emphasis depending on the buyer.  Community, neighborhood, school system, amenities, easy access to major streets, commerce, zoning, what the neighbor’s houses look like, what the actual home looks like, etc. are all factors that will determine what your home will sell for.

If you are thinking of listing and selling your home, please call me to get a free comparative market analysis of your home, call Heeran Workman at (402) 707-7878 or email me at