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Pocket Listings – Homes For Sale But Not Listed On The Omaha Market

What is a Pocket Listing?

Pocket listings exist when:
1.  A Realtor has signed up the listing paperwork to sell a home but the home is not on the market yet. For example, a seller may decide to hire Heeran’s Home Team to sell their home and sign all of the listing paperwork, but the home is not on the market yet.  Those homes are in “Pre-Marketing” status and when we come across buyers who would be a right fit for those pocket listings, we let them know about it now but it’s not available to the public yet.
2.  Sometimes a homeowner may hire an agent to sell their home privately.  They may not want their neighbors to know that their home is for sale or they may have other personal reasons.  They will ask their agent to refrain from listing the home on the Omaha MLS.
3.  A homeowner may be interested in selling their home in the upcoming months but not quite ready to pull the trigger to hire an agent.  They will ask Realtors that in the meantime if they come across a buyer who would be a great fit to sell their home to, to let them know.
How Do I Find Pocket Listings For Sale?
1.  Call every Omaha Metro Area Realtor and ask if they have Pocket Listings that fit your needs.
2.  Call Heeran’s Home Team at (402) 391-FAST and let us know the type of home you are looking for and we will send out an email blast to the entire agent community looking for your perfect home!  This is by far the EASIEST option.  This is a FREE service to you!